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Established in 1935 Felton Fire serves a variety of businesses, residences, and tourist attractions, including three schools, multiple conference centers with hotels, a large tourist railroad operation, and Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. 

The fire district is governed by an elected 5 member board of directors.  Each director serves a four-year term of office.  

The fire district is an all risk fire protection agency, responding to 750-900 calls for service each year, including fires, floods, rescues, vehicle accidents, medical emergencies, and public assistance.


Felton Fire also participates or leads a variety of public education programs, including fire safety at local schools districts and a CERT program.



Felton Fire operates a fleet consisting of the following with an average age under 10 years:

  • 2 Type 1 Engines

  • 1 Type 3 Engine

  • 1 Type 6 Engine (Delivery Fall 2023)

  • 1 Water Tender

  • 1 Breathing support

  • 3 Utility Pickups


Diverse Call Types

Felton Fire is an all risk department with a diverse call volume makep Consisting of an annual average as follows:

  • Medical Aid 48%

  • Rescue (trail, LARRO) 18%

  • Motor Vehicle Collision 10%

  • Hazardous conditions check 12%

  • Fires 7%

  • Mutual Aid Assignment 5%

Engine and train.jpeg


Felton Fire partners with local industry and public safety agencies for training opportunities, as well as standby Fire/EMS services. Felton Fire is one of the few agencies where you may find yourself riding an 1800's steam train to the scene of your call. 

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